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Le Frere, a Spanish artist from Madrid, has portraited U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, using its own feces as pigment. The portrait comes after the race riots and demonstrations in U.S. after the killing of a black man, George Floyd, brutally asfixiated by a member of the Police of Mineapolis.

The ‘shitty portrait’ of Donald Trump is kept in Le Frere’s studio in Lavapiés, a popular & multicultural neighbourhood in Madrid and its not set to be sold: «Its just a gesture of activism –declares the artist to Strambotic-. We artist are citizens, so we cant be quiet about what’s going on right now».

Fort the making of this portrait, Le Frere ate «mediterranean diet: tomato salad, with garlic and tuna, manchego cheese and spicy chorizo from Salamanca. I’m very strict when making a picture… Follow me for more récipes».

It’s not the first time Le Frere portraits a politician using its own feces as pigment. One year ago, the artist made headlines in Spain thanks to his glorious portrait of right-wing extremist Santiago Abascal, leader of new born Vox, Spanish fascist party.

You Can follow Le Frere in its web page, Instagram y Twitter.